Promoting Racial Justice.
Ending Dangerous Conditions.
Reducing Youth Incarceration.

We are the Center For Children’s Law and Policy.

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About Us

Our staff members are working to create a world where the response to youth who get in trouble with the law is developmentally appropriate, free of racial and ethnic bias, and focused on building strengths that help youth thrive in their own communities. Our staff members pursue a range of different activities to achieve these goals, including training, technical assistance, administrative and legislative advocacy, research, writing, media outreach, and public education.





Eliminating Racial & Ethnic Disparities

CCLP staff members are working with several jurisdictions on strategies to reduce and eliminate racial and ethnic disparities in the youth justice systems.

Ending Dangerous Conditions

CCLP works throughout the country to expose and stop abuses of incarcerated youth. Our staff also work to ensure that the small number of youth who are placed out of home receive the services and supports they need.

Creating Alternatives to Incarceration

CCLP staff work to help jurisdictions shift away from incarceration and out of home placement to supporting youth and families in their own communities.

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Our Mission

What Are People Saying About Us

“CCLP came to Gainesville in 2013 and probably single-handedly changed the culture, certainly changed the landscape of law enforcement in this community. CCLP came into Gainesville and gave us the courage to look at these numbers and it changed how we policed. We changed how we consider young men and women and what’s poor in their lives and how an arrest in juvenile justice system impacts and devastates them and strips them of hope and future and we’ve changed the way we have done police work here in Gainesville and in Alachua County because of that relationship with CCLP.”

Ret. Captain Will Halvosa
Gainesville, Florida Police Dept.

“The work of the DMC Action Network, led by the Center for Children’s Law and Policy, demonstrated that communities can implement reforms that have a measurable and positive impact on youth of color.”

Laurie Garduque 

Director of Justice Reform, The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

“It is an absolute pleasure to be working with CCLP on the campaign to Stop Solitary for Kids. I’m convinced we’re going to end this abusive practice once and for all.”

Marc Schindler
Executive Director – Justice Policy Institute

“To first working with Mark 10 years ago as part of JDAI in Washington, DC to seeing CCLP really thrive over the last 10 years, I think I speak for the entire Casey Foundation when I say JDAI would not be where it is today without CCLP.”

Nate Balis, Director
Juvenile Justice Strategies Group – Annie E. Casey Foundation

“We are so proud to work with Mark Soler and the Center for Children’s Law and Policy and we so much appreciate the fact that Mark seriously cares about the court and the children and families of Memphis, TN.”

Pamela Skelton

Chief Administration Officer – Juvenile Court of Memphis, TN

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